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Forge shop :
Forging press : for performing the cut stock into semi-finished blanks for placement on the rolling unit and subsequent coining after

Ring rolling equipment: for finish rolling the performed blank to the final desired forging dimensional specification

Open space forging hammer: this hammer is having capacity up to 3.5 ton and able to forge all kind of non standard forgings flanges, blinds, shafts etc.
This unit is adequately equipped with support facilities such as handling equipment, hacksaws machines and temperature controlled heating furnaces.

Stand by generator for ensuring un-interrupted power supply,

Product range :
Out side diameter : 880mm (Max.)
Inside diameter : 110(min.)
Thickness : 160mm(Max)55mm (min)
Weight : 155 kg. (Max.)

Categories of work undertaken :
Job work to forging drawing specifications
*special less thickness rings can be manufactured after technical discussions.

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